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About P A N D O R A
Hello there adventurer!
We are PANDORA, a semi-hardcore Europe-based guild. We have been farming all T7 content and doing 25mans in-between for a while, but we will be moving on to Ulduar from now on. Our first dedicated 10man group is almost finished and we're now working on a second one, which will in turn be the second half of our 25man group. Our dedicated raiding days are as follows:

Monday - 19:20/20:20 - 22:00/23:00 ST
Tuesday - 19:20/20:20 - 22:00/23:00 ST
Wednesday - 19:20/20:20 - 22:00/23:00 ST

*Times go an hour earlier during DST.

We do every available 10man during the week, and for the time being, joint guild runs with Aristocracy for 25mans (Naxx, OS, EoE). 
Some of the things you should know, if you want to join the guild are:

1. If you want to be part of the core group, you will have to show up on all the official days. There will of course be exceptions to this, but they will be only single and special cases.
2. If you want a reserved spot - sign up for the raid on the calendar. People who have NOT signed up will not get reserved spots. This means that if we start pugging, we will be looking for someone for your spot, and if he comes before you do, you're screwed.
3. After we start doing guild-only runs (without pugged players), we will employ a loot council loot system. This means that the more you attend and the better you perform, the bigger the chance to get that nice epic.
4. We do accept inexperienced players too, if they show potential, so be aware that we will not be instakilling every boss we find. There will be wipes, people will fail and people will learn. You have to be able to accept and embrace that.
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